Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Look what we got!!

So we sold the lumina, it was an awesome car, but man it loved to gobble up gas!! So we were on a quest to find a car that would be cheap for Steven to drive to work, and that would hold up for quite some time. In my search, I ran across a Volkswagon Beetle. I thought, "oh man, that's cute and I've always wanted one...but no way that Steve would go for that" Well, I showed him and to my surprise, he was stoked about the idea!! So, the decision was made, that was what we wanted, now we just had to find one that ran well and needed minimal work. Look what we found!!

It's a 1972 VW Super Beetle!! I absolutely love it!! It's a blast to drive, although we haven't been able to drive it much. My brother and my dad have been over a lot to help Steven work on it, changing out the brake system and getting it ready to be registered.

The first drive in the Bug! Steve just took it around the neighborhood to see how everything was working. Isn't it cute?? Over time, we plan to fully restore it so that when our boys are old enough they'll have a ton of fun driving it around. :0) Anyway, I was way excited about it and thought I'd share that with you all.

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