Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year's Eve!!

We had a blast on New Year's Eve at our house. We had some of our funnest friends over and played Rock Band and a game called Quelf. Quelf?? What's that? Well, it's pretty much as strange as it sounds. Here are some pics to make my point...
This is our good friend Jason Casper. He and his wife, Vannessa, are the wonderful people that brought this crazy game into our lives. In this picture, Jason had drawn a card that gave him the instructions to make an umbrella and put it over his head and say "rain, rain, go away". LOL.

These are our friends, the Huffs. Jason and Amy, aka, J-Huff and A-Huff. :0)

And this is what the Huffs look like on Quelf. J-Huff is singing "Hotel California" while flapping his arms like an eagle, and A-Huff was trying to get us to guess that she was a one-legged frog. Can you believe that someone actually got that??
This is J-Huff's cousin, Derick. He drew a card that told him he had to yell at the game pieces like a drill Sargent every time any of them moved! He had us all rolling every turn!!
You may have noticed in some of these pictures that J-Huff has an oddly square, he wasn't born that way, he drew a card that said he had to keep the box there the whole game...he was caressing the box like it was his baby, couldn't have been any funnier!! After Quelf we went down to play Rock Band until it was midnight. Then, of course, we ran around outside and probably woke up our older neighbors...oops! We had fun, that's all that matters, right??