Friday, December 26, 2008


Bridger-bot has the kindest heart. At only 6 years old, he would gladly give you anything he has to make you happy. Literally, he is only happy if he is making others feel good or proud. He is always ready and willing to help, and is a great big bother.

Bridger is in kindergarten and his teachers and principal just rave about him. He has a speech delay and he gets speech therapy at school and at the Scottish rite learning center. He is such a hard worker, and is improving every day. :0) He is thrilled to be learning how to read, and write everyone letters! His favorite subject though, is math. He is a whiz when it comes to numbers. He can add single and double digits. The final score to a Jazz game a couple months ago was 98 and 94. When we told him, he was so thrilled that we won by 4. Not even 2 minutes later he came in to tell us that 94 plus 98 is 192. He just figured it out in his head, and and had a whole explanation on how he got the answer. He loves to add, and so whenever he gets the chance, he asks for numbers to add together. Of course, he is sometimes wrong, that's only ususally when he has an audience. But more often than not, he gets it right on. :0)

No one could could ask for a sweeter boy, we are very lucky and blessed that he came to us.

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