Monday, March 9, 2009

Utah Jazz at 11 wins in a row!!

How 'bout that Jazz!!
Utah Jazz winning streak at 11! Going for 12, Jazz vs. Pacers tomorrow night!!
Steve and I went to the Jazz vs. Thunder game on January 30. We sat 7th row just behind the Jazz bench! Talk about exciting!!

Of course, this was before Boozer came back, hence the fact that he's in street clothes looking oh, so handsome right along with D Will and Memo.

Mehmet Okur just sends this super friendly vibe. He looks around the crowd, makes eye contact, smiles and just really has a way of drawing your attention and making you feel happy and energized. Steve and I were surprised when we felt the same way! Memo is just awesome!

Yes, Memo is looking right at us, of course it's because we were the coolest people there. :0) Actually it's probably because he could hear me hyperventilating! It was just so exciting!

Needless to say, we had a blast and wish we were rich and could afford these seats as season ticket holders!! Oh, and of course we won that night. :0)

Go Jazz! Beat the pacers! Keep the streak going!

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